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A Tale of Successful Branding - Culmination of Skillful Craftsmanship and Experienced Professionalism.

The Oppurtunity

Who doesn't love pets? Everyone does. Whether it be feline adorable creatures or furry doggies, pets are significant component of the lives of people who own them. Well our friends at The Infinite Luxury share the same love of pets, which is the reason they specialize in animals’ products, bringing luxury and comfort to them.

The services that The Infinite Luxury team wanted for us to perform for them included branding, logo designing and complete E commerce Solution for them to display and exhibit their products for sale on an online platform. This also required for us to not only make sure that their products were well displayed and looked attractive on the website layout but also to to communicate and imbibe the exact feel and soul of the client's idea in the designing of the website. Starting from the logo moving onto the website we needed to keep it in check that the brand story was well reflected and upheld not letting a loose stroke let go of the quality professionalism that we are always heralded for.

  • YEAR 2019
  • ROLE Branding, Logo, E-commerce Solution
  • STATUS Project Delivered

Project Deliverables

he Infinite Luxury needed a good website but they had big plans in their mind that went farther ahead than just a good website. The deliverables are as follows.




The Infinite Luxury

“I got the website done exactly the way I had imagined it. Can’t be
more proud of it”

Style Guide

With a thorough competitive analysis of the market, and research of the business model of the client, our brand team came up with the following design guidelines.

Poppins (Bold)


Light Blue

Dark Grey

Our States of the Art Process

Our systematic process with its quality assuring stringent methodology is the key to customer satisfaction that we are so keenly fond of. The process goes on as following.

Brainstorm & Plan

& Accomplish

Revise & Refine

Logo Design

Logo Design

The design of the Axiom website was based on the hallmarks of the product itself. We think if something were to make your life easier, a simple design is the best way to convey those properties. Without much of a brand to begin with, we created a vibrant color palette and brought in energetic typography to bring life to mundane data entry. A custom icon set and the development of smart and concise copy help develop a voice for a product that often lives in the background.



The Result

The Infinite Luxury has been of our more loved projects owing to the mutual love we share for our four legged friends with our valued client. We came up with an aesthetic and modern design for the website that the client immediately fell in love with. Moreover, the addition of ecommerce functionality to this simple design was a challenge that we totally enjoyed. The project is up and running, making sale for the client.