The Mashroom Supply Destination

A Tale of Successful Branding - Culmination of Skillful Craftsmanship and Experienced Professionalism.

The Oppurtunity

  • Create overall site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience
  • Create a more user-friendly and more visual product story with improved navigation and filtering
  • Reorganize and more thoroughly integrate blog content throughout the product story to improve conversion and trust-building
  • Dramatically improve SEO performance
  • Decrease bounce rate to a healthy number through stronger content strategy and engaging inter-site navigation
  • YEAR 2019
  • ROLE Logo, E-Commerce Website, Social Media
  • STATUS Project Delivered

Project Deliverables

Mushroom Grower Supply needed a good website but they had big plans in their mind that went farther ahead than just a good website. The deliverables are as follows.




About Mushroom Grower Supply

Mushroom Grower Supply is a mushroom supply destination. With superior quality products you just can't find anywhere else. Their selections always use whole herbs and natural products, and are free from fillers, artificial flavors and colors. Mushroom Grower Supply partners with nutrition experts to ensure every product is the best possible quality. Their goal is to inspire natural wellness and goodness of

Style Guide

With a thorough competitive analysis of the market, and research of the business model of the client, our brand team came up with the following design guidelines.

Signika (Bold)

Signika (Regular)

Light Green

Dark Blue

Dark Blue

Our States of the Art Process

Our systematic process with its quality assuring stringent methodology is the key to customer satisfaction that we are so keenly fond of. The process goes on as following.







Mushroom Grower Supply came to us with a lot of great content and a compelling brand story. Where they needed help was helping visitors find relevant content quickly and effortlessly, and communicating their dedication and commitment to wellness through site-wide branded storytelling.

The biggest challenge would be implementing the right combination of browsing filters, galleries, featured content, the right images, and lateral navigation opportunities, while still weaving that passion and purpose into new and existing pages.

Design Concept


Design Concept

When we approached designing Mushroom Grower Supply’s new site, we adopted same holistic style that is present in their new branding. We used the earth-tone colors from their packaging and photography campaign, as well as their bold typography to create a site that is clean and usable.

We took the 'less is more' approach, and tried to stay out of the way of the beautiful product shots. By keeping the color palette simple and subdued, we were able to make the photography really shine through. Our goal was to showcase the products and to guide users to get the information they need, to encourage conversions.

Bringing It Together